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Six Speed Transmissions (GM & Ford)

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T56 for GM and Ford
These are the T-56 six speed transmissions for the Ford Mustang, GM Camaro and Firebird, Chevrolet Corvette, and the aftermarket GM unit.

Originally built by Borg-Warner, these units are now manufactured by Tremec. We are stocking the full T-56 line, as well as developing an exciting new prospect for the GM aftermarket T-56.  Check below for applications for the more popular units.  Also new in are the units and parts for the latest model Mustang Cobra T-56 6 speed units.  We stock anything you might need for these units!
Model No. Size Weight lbs/kg Torque cap GVW / GCW 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Rev
1386-000-011 85 115-129/52.2-58.5 450/610 3,327/1,509 2.97 2.07 1.43 1.00 0.80 0.62 3.28
1386-000-012 85 115-129/ 52.2-58.5 450/610 3,260/1,479 2.97 2.07 1.43 1.00 0.80 0.62 3.28
1386-000-016 85 115-129/ 52.2-58.5 450/610 3,327/1,509 2.66 1.78 1.30 1.00 0.74 0.50 2.90
1386-000-023 85 119/53.8 375/508 3,223/1,462 2.66 1.78 1.30 1.00 0.74 0.50 2.90
  •   Double overdrive provides extended ratio coverage and allows for closer ratio steps
  •   Aluminum die cast housings for reduced weight
  •   Tapered roller bearings on main and countershafts reduce noise and improve durability
  •   Needle bearing under all speed gears improve high speed performance and reduce shift effort
  •   Advanced synchronizer technology  

  •           --  Powdered steel core blocker rings
              --  Engineered friction materials for improved durability
              --  Multiple cone synchronizer design for lower shift effort and increased capacity
              --  Patented strut-type synchronizer design for improved durability  

  •   Constant mesh synchronized reverse
  •   Internal, single-rail shift system
  •   Integral clutch adaptor with front cover end-loading design for increased driveline bending strength and greater application adaptability
  •   Multiple shift lever locations

Aftermarket Mustang, 5.0L - w/ mechanical speedo           Part Number  1386-000-012
4.6L Mustang - w/ mechanical speedo           Part Number  TUET 1259
4.6L Mustang - w/ electronic speedo           Part Number  TUET 1260
Aftermarket GM - for T5 replacement only           Part Number  1386-000-011
Aftermarket GM* - with modified plate for vertical app.           Part Number  1386-000-011MP
Aftermarket GM* - w/ shifter modified for 4sp replacement application           Part Number  1386-000-011MS
Firebird, Camaro thru 1997           Part Number  1386-000-016
'98 Firebird, Camaro           Part Number  1386-000-017
'98 Firebird, Camaro w/ Hurst shifter           Part Number  1386-000-020
Chevrolet Corvette           Part Number  1386-000-023
Aftermarket '96 Viper Coupe - No longer Available           Part Number  N/A
*** We also keep in stock a large inventory of remanufactured T56 units.  
*** They are priced well for exchange, depending on application.

New Items for the T-56 Now in Stock:
Ram Clutch Sets
McCleod Clutch Sets

T-56 to 4 speed bell adaptor plate kits
T-56 to 4 speed bell
adaptor plate kits

Special wiring pigtails
Special wiring
Tremec 6 sp. shift ball
Tremec 6 sp. shift ball

Custom shift lever service
Custom shift
lever service

Mech. speedo extension, GM
Mech. speedo
extension, GM

Aluminum offset shifters
Tremec offset shifters

Say Hello to the Bad Guy-- TREMEC's New Magnum XL is Here! 

The most highly anticipated product release from TREMEC since the launch of the original Magnum 6-speed nearly three years ago, the Magnum XL for S197 Mustangs , has finally arrived! Those of you who have been following the drawn out process of getting this transmission to market, will undoubtedly join us in our excitement! For those of you not familiar, allow us to introduce the new MAGNUM XL 6-SPEED...

Beginning with an all-new "extended length" rear extension housing, the Magnum XL is intended for late model performance applications, cursed with factory "semi-remote" shifters. By offering the owners of these vehicles a rigid, "direct-shift" with the Magnum XL, gone are the days of clumsy, rubbery-feeling gear changes. Like the rest of the Magnum line, the XL offers crisp, low-effort shifts, and an industry leading 700 lb-ft. of torque capacity!

Additionally, thanks to it's OE-derived & race-proven synchronizer technology, the Magnum XL is equipped to deal with all but the highest revving engines, with an rpm capacity nearing 8,000 rpm straight out of the box!

It's big, its brutal, and yet oh-so sophisticated! As hardcore performance enthusiasts ourselves, we have extremely high hopes for this new transmission, and believe it is going to make a huge impact on the late model performance scene! Initially available for 2005-up "S197" Mustangs, the Magnum XL will eventually be available for most popular late-model applications, and comes complete with an SFI-approved steel bellhousing, swap-specific crossmember and mount, a truly awesome short-throw shifter, and all the necessary hardware to bolt it in your car!

PLEASE NOTE: All Magnum XL conversions will require a 26-spline clutch and 1-piece driveshaft (sold separately). Additionally, supplies are limited due to significant demand. For complete details and pricing information, see your preferred TREMEC Distributor, Standard Transmission & Gear, Inc.  Contact us


We can usually rebuild your transmission for less than exchanging it. All of our new and rebuilt transmissions carry a 12mo/12,000 mile warranty. Send us your transmission, transfer case, or differential & we'll disassemble, clean & inspect it. Next, we'll contact you with an exact price to repair the unit, including all parts and labor. After you approve the work, we can usually complete the repairs in 1-2 business days.

Remember, we can ship anywhere you need us to - usually on the same day! We accept: Mastercard, Visa, & Discover. We ship via UPS, motor freight, U.S. Postal Service, overnight, 2 day, 3 day, or regular freight, depending on your needs. International Shipping is quoted to nearest airport. Customer is responsible for all duties, etc. that may be imposed in your country.

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