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ValAir Clutch line

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Standard Transmission & Gear now has the best OEM Clutch Kits available for sale. Give us a call or request a quote.

Heavy Truck, Medium Truck or Light Truck, sooner or later the factory clutch assembly will need to be replaced. Whether you drive an 18 wheeler, a medium duty bobtail or a high performance diesel pickup, ValAir offers an array of quality new and remanufactured replacement parts at a competitive price. Our customers get an equivalent or better than stock replacements at a fraction of the dealer price.

HEAVY DUTY - Class 6,7 & 8 Clutches ValAir has been rebuilding Clutch Assemblies to exacting specifications for over a decade. ValAir uses the finest friction materials and parts. The parts are quality inspected and come with 12 month warranty at a price that will make you glad you purchased a genuine ValAir replacement part. Valair now offers NEW made in the USA 15" Spicer clutches at a fraction of the dealer cost , being able to offer your customer a new class 8 clutch at super competitive pricing increases your chances of a sale and not having to worry about core costs. Give us call to discuss pricing.

PERFORMANCE - Diesel Trucks (3/4 & 1 Ton) Whether you are looking for a stock replacement, a towing clutch, or a high performance clutch, we have just the clutch for you. Our new performance series of clutches are built Texas tough and built to last.

Pre-Installation Checklist
  • What is the reason for replacing the clutch assembly?
  • Did the clutch wear out?
  • Did you experience a clutch failure?
  • If a failure occurred, did you fix the cause of failure?
  • Do you have a service manual for your vehicle to resource information regarding bolt torque specification, special tools that may be needed and installation instructions, etc.?
  • Do you have a non-petroleum cleaner such as, acetone or brake cleaner to clean the surface of the pressure plate and flywheel prior to installation?
  • Do you have the proper bolts for the flywheel and pressure plate? (preferably new bolts)
  • Do you have a torque wrench to properly torque the flywheel and pressure plate bolts?
  • Do you have all of the fluids you will need? (Transmission oil, hydraulic clutch fluid)
  • Do you have an alignment tool to properly line up the disc to the transmission?
  • Do you have a replacement pilot bearing preferred) or bushing? (If applicable)
  • Do you have a pilot bearing removal tool or method? (If applicable)
  • Do you have a safe method to lift and support your vehicle? (Jack and at least 4 jack stands)
  • Do you have someone to resurface your flywheel?
  • Do you have a new throw-out bearing?
  • Do you have an apparatus (Transmission jack or floor jack adapter) to support the weight of the transmission during installation to avoid damaging the disc?
  • Pay close attention when removing components (linkage, bearing location and mounting, bolts and their length, etc.). Take notes or pictures for proper re-installation.
  • Inspect all clutch related parts (clutch fork, clevis, pins, hydraulics, etc.) for signs of wear or damage.
  • Inspect the spline on your transmission input shaft for damage or wear. (Slide the disc on and off)
  • Inspect the throw-out bearing guide tube for signs of wear or galling. (retaining collar/quill)
  • Does the new disc slide smoothly and spin straight on the input shaft of the transmission?
  • Has your flywheel been properly resurfaced, balanced, and does it meet OEM specifications?
  • Are the dowel pins (if applicable) in the flywheel secure, straight and smooth?
  • Lubricate the input shaft spline with a dry graphite lubricant or a light coat of lithium (white) grease.
  • Did you check to make sure there is no grease or oil on any friction surfaces?
  • Tighten all bolts to proper torque specifications.

Post-Installation Checklist
  • If your vehicle is equipped with a clutch adjustment, refer to your (an) owner’s (service) manual for adjustment procedure.
  • Did you complete your warranty card?
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