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Quicktime Bellhousings

Quicktime Bellhousings

Our QuickTime bellhousings are designed for circle track, strip, and street applications. SFI Certified*, Lightweight and the Strongest in the Industry.

After installing a Quick Time Bellhousing, there's no way you'll ever use anything else. Quicktime Bells are manufactured using the input of racers as well as engine builders. They're made from high grade steel and the cone is spun, not stamped or rolled, which allows them to be the most dimensionally stable on the market and makes the bellhousing metal thickness uniform and lighter - but leaves no sacrifice of safety.

They were created for today's high performance vehicles, built in the USA and are proven in the industry to be designed for strength and accuracy. Quicktimes are lightweight, weighing only an average of 17 lbs., yet they test out at 80,000psi, more than twice a typical Lakewood.

Alignment of a bell housing is one of the tougher tasks of installing any other mechanical part in a car. Quicktime bellhousings are more accurate when it comes to centering while other brands need dowel pins to correct alignment. These bores are concentric to your crank!

Standard Transmission and Gear
Distributor of Quicktime Bell Housings
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We offer many different fits of bellhousings, depending on your application, as well as clutch forks, motor plates, flexplates, spacers, adjustable pivot studs, etc. seen on the right.

Engines: Big Blocks and Small Blocks.
Transmissions: Richmond, Saginaw, Falcon, Bert, Brinn, Muncie, Powerglide, T-56 Viper, ZF Transaxle, TKO, T5, TR3550, Borgwarner T10, Top loader transmissions, and more.

See our application guide or contact one of our technical customer service representatives.

QuickTime Inc. has aligned itself with many car manufacturers and racers which helps them continue to be on the leading edge of technology. They also continue to improve, change, and develop new products to stay up front in the fast changing racing world.

Quicktime Bellhousings and Flexplates

Here's some Internet buzz about Quicktime Bellhousings:
"You will love the Quicktime housing. I have one on my 351/393 and it is a really neat and compact unit. I had a very tight fit and the Lakewood wouldn't even come close to fitting. I had cut out a fist sized portion at the starter location to clear the chassis, but it was just not working out. The Quicktime is even smaller than the stock aluminum unit and VERY well built. I think it weighs in at around 16 lbs? where the Lakewood was 35 or so? I also heard they are much more concentric to the centerline, but you'll still have to check it and adjust. Don't even think of a Lakewood if you have a chance to get the Quicktime unit."

"It seems that quicktime housings are the new king in this market. I have a lakewood, and I had to use offset pins to dial it in. It was pretty far off. It weighs a pissload, and there is that big old flange on the bottom. I too have heard people say that the Quicktime's are more likely to be within tolerance as far as dialing in is concerned, they weigh less, and they have that modular construction that means that you could change trannies without having to get a whole new bellhousing."

"I would go with the quicktime if I were doing it all over again. That lakewood being so thick and heavy."

QuickTime has set a new standard for steel bell housings.

  • Circle track, strip, street applications.
  • Patent Pending on 16 Points of Bell housing design and process
  • Lightest steel bell housing available anywhere
  • Do not be fooled by others claiming parallelism and concentricity.
  • The QuickTime Bell housing is the most accurate bell housing available due to our unique manufacturing processes.
  • The QuickTime cone is spun not rolled or stamped. This allows the QuickTime Bell housing to be the most dimensionally stable bell housing available.
  • Less drivetrain wear.
  • Increased horsepower.
  • Built from high grade steel Work hardens to over 80,000 PSI strength. Over 2 times the strength of any other steel bell housing.
  • Most bells are SFI Certified.  Please see your application.
  • This is the bell housing you want between you and your drivetrain.
  • 100% built in the USA.
  • Design input from OEM, Engine Builders, Transmission Builders, Racers, and the hobbiest.
  • Over 70 models in stock

Terminology seen on Quicktime parts specs pages.
Height: the distance from engine face to transmission face: short vs. long input shafts = shallow vs. deeper bells
Bore Size: based on bearing retainer diameters

* please see the application guide on SFI Certs.

Notice: Auto racing is a hazardous sport. No warranty is made or implied regarding any racing product to protect from injury or death. User assumes all risks. Because we only sell components which are assembled by persons not under our control into a finished vehicle, we cannot foresee how it will be used, abused or misused and therefore disclaim any liability for failure caused by improper use.

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